This is the End: 38North Security Says Goodbye

To any semblance or pretence of cool, that is. This April Fools’ Day, we’re letting our dad flags fly. And just so we’re clear, being a “dad” is not limited to fathers, biological or otherwise. In our books, anyone who wears Birkenstocks with socks (say that five times fast!) or tells dad jokes is a dad.

So here we are, embracing our inner dad-ness. Whether it’s knock-knocks or puns, our japes are the corniest of them all and guaranteed to give you the most spine-shattering cringes.

1 – Here’s Liz with a threatening aura.

2 – Laura warns of the hazards of summer.

3 – Virginia demonstrates commitment to patient confidentiality.

4 – Here’s Andrew on why cybersecurity experts can be a lonely bunch.

5 – Mason tells us which movie programmers dislike.

6 – If you want to be in your computer’s good graces, get them this treat.

7 – And finally, here’s Matt with a masterclass on how to make your daughter cringe.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

We’re not quitting our day jobs to do standup comedy just yet, so maybe we’ll leave that to the pros and stick to what we know: cybersecurity. Get in touch with a 38North Security professional for your compliance and other cybersecurity needs.