Japan’s Information System Security Management and Assessment Program (ISMAP)

Japan’s ISMAP certification is essential to any organization’s commitment to protecting confidential data and will ensure that the organization remains compliant with Japan’s standards for years to come. Japan’s ISMAP certification can help organizations increase visibility in their industry, ensure its data security, establish trust, protect customer data, and demonstrate a commitment to information security management that is globally recognized.

The Japanese ISMAP certification is a time-consuming process. Companies need to be prepared for long periods of paperwork and extensive testing in order to meet Japan’s security standards. Fortunately, we can help make the lengthy certification process more efficient to achieve Japan’s highest level of security compliance. Trust Us to Get You There.

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38North Is Your Expert ISMAP Advisor

38North is recognized as an expert security organization for Japan’s compliance certification process. We prepare organizations to tackle the ISMAP — working side-by-side with them throughout the full process.

A little or a lot, we can provide guidance — or help with documentation development, gap analyses, and security engineering — to help you achieve your ISMAP certification.

What is the ISMAP Compliance Process?

The Japanese ISMAP process can be a complex one, considering it has multiple stages of nuanced review before certification is granted. Fortunately, we are an established cloud security compliance advisory firm — providing expert guidance and support — to help your ISMAP assessment be as smooth as possible.

No matter where you are in your ISMAP process, 38North can make certification easier. ‌Talk with one of our ISMAP experts.


The first step of Japan’s ISMAP certification involves the submission of documentation in order to gauge an organization’s current level of information security management.

During this evaluation, an organization must provide evidence that it meets Japan’s ISMAP requirements for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of its information security management system.

Onsite Audit

The second step involves an onsite audit conducted by a Japan ISMAP-accredited auditor

The auditor reviews the self-assessment questionnaire, evaluates the organization’s policies and procedures, and verifies that the stated objectives are being met.

Committee Evaluation

The third step involves a Japan ISMAP committee evaluation. The committee reviews the auditor’s findings to determine whether or not Japan ISMAP certification can be awarded. 


Finally, ISMAP certification is granted upon successful completion of all the previous steps.

ISMAP Certification Challenges

Obtaining an ISMAP certification can be a challenging process due to the complexity and rigor of the security requirements. Overall, these challenges can cause delays and increased costs in pursuing Japanese government contracts.

ISMAP Certification Services

38North can help you with your ISMAP, no matter where you are in the process.

ISMAP Scoping

We start by helping you understand what data you have that must be protected and at which level. This lets us know what assets are in scope, and excludes those that aren’t.

ISMAP Workshops

Our workshops get you started — with ISMAP training and consulting. We also help you understand ISMAP confusion by using Japanese Federal Government practices to design systems and approaches that will withstand ISMAP assessments.

ISMAP Gap Analysis

Gap analyses help cloud providers and contractors understand what they need to do to comply with the ISMAP. Our ISMAP gap analysis will find your gaps against the varying levels and deliver a prioritized roadmap of actions required to close gaps and ensure a clean assessment.

ISMAP Advisory Support

38North’s senior security advisors can help you design, deploy, document and maintain a scalable security approach that meets ISMAP requirements.

ISMAP Remediation Support

If you must remediate findings from the assessment, 38North is your team to help. We will assist or lead in the planning, development, and implementation of remedial measures to get you back on track quickly.

Certification Starts Here

Book an initial ISMAP conversation with one of our Japan cloud security experts today and we’ll help you achieve your goal of ISMAP compliance — and stronger security.

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