DoD Security Compliance

The Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (DoD CC SRG) was developed to meet DoD’s stringent security and compliance requirements while allowing the Department to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. This guide provides DoD with a comprehensive set of controls for the secure deployment, operation, and maintenance of cloud systems.

38North senior cloud experts have decades working with the DoD and can help you achieve a DoD ATO and begin quickly delivering cloud-based mission services to the Department. Trust Us to Get You There.

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38North, Your Guide to DoD Security Compliance

Our team of Senior Advisors are highly experienced in helping private sector organizations comply with DoD security requirements, providing solutions to modern defense challenges that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our experts have established a reputation for delivering successful outcomes, enabling our clients to remain secure and stay ahead of the competition. With our help, organizations can be assured that the highest security standards are met.

Know Your DOD Impact Levels from IL2 to IL6

One of the first steps in getting to a DoD ATO is knowing your target impact level.

Impact Level 2 (IL2)
Impact Level 4 (IL4)
Impact Level 5 (IL5)
Impact Level 6 (IL6)

Impact Level 2 (IL2)

Designed to protect data where unauthorized disclosure could have limited adverse effects on organizational operations, assets, or people, this level is suited for publicly releasable or non-public unclassified information.

Impact Level 4 (IL4)

If you intend to host non-public, unclassified sensitive information, Impact Level 4 security standards, organizations can ensure that Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is secure from unauthorized access. This included FOUO information.

Impact Level 5 (IL5)

The protection of non-public, unclassified data with serious risk implications to exposure required Impact Level 5. This level includes National Security System (NSS) data, or any other content that could have a significant impact on organizational operations, assets, or individuals if leaked.

Impact Level 6 (IL6)

The highest DoD impact level (so far), Impact Level 6 is required for the handling of information classified information up to the SECRET level.

DoD Security
Compliance Challenges

Obtaining a DoD ATO can be a challenging process due to the complexity and rigor of the security requirements. Overall, these challenges can cause delays and increased costs when trying to obtain a Dod ATO.

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Cloud Cybersecurity Services

38North’s Senior Advisors help private sector organizations interpret DoD guidance, speak DoD security language, engineer support, and design systems that meet both civilian and DoD standards.

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