Compliance Roadmap

Your Business Moves Quickly Can Your Cloud Services?

If you don’t know your destination, moving to the cloud won’t get you there.

Globally focused, cloud-ready businesses move fast and must expand and deliver new cloud services when the business is ready. Unfortunately, cloud services that fail to follow a coherent plan can leave organizations boxed in with technical security debt that makes global growth impossible. Heading down a wrong path can be littered with technical debt and can add more with each subsequent pivot and expansion.

Ensure your cloud services can go where your business needs with a medium- to long-term compliance roadmap developed by the world’s most experienced cloud security advisory group.

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Your Business and Your Security Team, in Sync

Ensuring that your business leads security, not the other way around, is important. But it’s also critical to be sure that the business is informed about security concerns and needs before business strategies change. Being on the same page means having a joint understanding of where the business wants to go. This means aligning new products, new industries, and new markets with technology concerns, security standards, and the lengthy process of some privacy regulations.

As an established global cloud advisor, 38North will help your business and IT leaders develop a unified plan to ensure a secure transition from where your company is today to where it will be tomorrow.

Compliance Roadmap Use Cases

Secure Cloud Migration

A cloud migration can help with expansion by providing the flexibility and scalability needed to meet new demands. Making sure that you understand the impact of new cloud services before making the switch can prevent headaches and costly mistakes.

Compliance Maturity

Develop a plan to navigate the varying degrees of controls for standards and regulations like FedRAMP, the DoD Impact Levels for cloud, and the Australian IRAP. Then, take on new markets with confidence.

Global Expansion

While many government security and privacy requirements compliment one another — some don’t. Understanding how to adapt your security program as your business pursues new markets can streamline compliance and deconflict controls.


Here are just some of the benefits of trusting 38North to build and support your compliance roadmap:

How We Work

We help organizations plan for an evolving international compliance landscape and position themselves for success in new global markets. Establishing a global compliance roadmap helps with business case justification, project timing, and planning. Our global perspective enables us to help you see over the horizon and anticipate the future cloud security compliance landscape.

Business Goals
Security and Compliance Assessment
Roadmap Assessment
Ongoing Support

Business Goals

Where is the business headed?

We begin by working with your business leaders on their “wishlist” of security goals and their strategy to get there. This helps us uncover things the IT and Security team may be unaware of, avoiding surprises.

Security and Compliance Assessment

Where are we now?

We then perform targeted security and compliance analyses, to better understand the current lay of the land and to build a jumping-off point for the roadmap.

Roadmap Assessment

How do we get there?

Our cloud security advisors produce a detailed roadmap that provides a step-by-step technical guide for tackling specific compliance roadblocks by prioritizing existing customer technology.

Ongoing Support

Getting things moving

As a full-service global cloud advisory firm, we roll up sleeves and execute strategies in any way you need. We provide technical and ongoing consulting services to bring your business dreams into reality. And our extensive network of partners and relationships enables us to inform and adjust the roadmap in response to regulatory and technology changes.

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On September 14th, 2022, the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO), in collaboration with the Joint Authorization Board...

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