Security Gap Analysis

Find and Fix Cloud Obstacles Fast with the Security Gap Assessment

You don’t know what you don’t know. And that can hurt your business.

A cloud security gap analysis is important for any organization looking to improve their security posture. But it’s essential for organizations seeking challenging security certifications and compliance goals.

With the complexities of multi-cloud environments and global operations, organizations need reliable resources and talent to get a handle on their full cloud infrastructure. That can leave you exposed to security vulnerabilities or compliance headaches.

Green Check

Cybersecurity Auditing Process: Thorough and Technical

Putting your cloud through a complete security assessment can be the best way to understand where weakness lies. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a burden. A gap analysis can be done at a fraction of the cost and effort of a full-on assessment — paving the way for more downstream efficiencies in compliance, documentation, and other security needs.

38North’s proven security gap analysis services are tailored to your risk exposure profile and the level of scrutiny demanded by your industry and regulatory jurisdiction.

Cloud Security Gap Analysis Use Cases

Compliance Preparation

Walk into your security assessment with confidence, knowing that you have identified and mitigated any potential findings up front.

Third-Party Risk Assessments

Demonstrate to your customers or other third-party partners that your cloud infrastructure and operations are compliant and secure.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Before you take on the risk of a partner or another party’s cloud, understand it thoroughly — including issues they aren’t even aware of (or failed to disclose).


Here are just some of the benefits of trusting 38North for cloud security gap analysis:

What is the Security Gap Analysis Process?

We see a security gap analysis as a learning opportunity for your team. We provide a deep dive on every control, including the technical and business justifications. The goal is to make your cloud, and the teams that support it, better.

A 38North Security Gap Analysis includes a comprehensive technical analysis that uncover your most serious compliance posture weaknesses. We assess your technology, processes and people in context with your business services and products to fully understand the impact — to give you more secure cloud services, not just green checkmarks.

Service Readiness
Penetration Testing
Risk Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments

Service Readiness

Know what you don’t know

Our service readiness reviews uncover the gaps as they relate to your system’s scope, boundary and control implementation.

We take the subjectivity out of control interpretation by providing you with an actionable plan to address. Scope and boundary are highly scrutinized to ensure you stay lean and focused while meeting the most demanding security requirements.

Penetration Testing

We don’t hit and run

We’re technical experts, but we also won’t ​​leave you with volumes of indecipherable technical data.

We’ll deliver our findings in a way that’s relevant to your business and the risks to your organization, so you can quickly remediate.

Risk Assessments

We go system-specific or enterprise-wide

Whether you need a deep-dive into the security posture of a particular system or an enterprise-side assessment, we understand the demands of major risk assessment methodologies and can help you identify, prioritize, and develop a plan to address risk.

Vulnerability Assessments

Risk management requires knowing vulnerabilities

Keep on top of emerging vulnerabilities in your cloud with modular, tailored scans of your cloud.

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Ready to See Your Gaps?

Of course, nobody like seeing their flaws. But a 38North Gap Analysis doesn’t have to be stressful. And that starts with your first chat with us. One of our security experts, not a sales person, will take the mystery out of identifying opportunities for a more secure cloud.

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