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Solutions for Cloud Security Engineering

Effective security engineering solutions are more important than ever.

Navigating the complexity of engineering multiple cloud environments while conforming to a patchwork of compliance concerns across various jurisdictions is challenging. Taking the wrong path can slow down progress at best. At worst, it can open you up to breaches and regulatory impacts.

With decades of experience building secure, compliant global cloud infrastructure, 38North is the most qualified team to take on your global security needs. We understand both your business requirements and technical intricacies.

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Work with Expert Engineers

38North understands every cloud because we partner with the largest cloud service providers on the map. Whether working in one environment or across multi-cloud projects, our security engineers ensure you deliver secure, compliant cloud services to your customers.

Start with 38North today and see just how much easier (and more secure) your cloud can be.

Cloud Security Engineering Use Cases

Performance Optimization

A well-architected cloud infrastructure is critical to optimal performance of digital services. 38North will identify any performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions to improve the overall user experience.

Scalability and Modernization

Having a scalable architecture enables organizations to accommodate more customers or applications as they grow, without negatively impacting performance. 38North cloud security engineers analyze your existing systems to ensure scalability for current and future needs.


Here are just some of the benefits of trusting 38North for your cloud security engineering:

How We Work

With decades of experience, 38North Security Advisors know what it takes to support the security needs of businesses of any size. And that is to fit right into your technical teams’ workflows without creating havoc or rip-and-replace technology recommendations. You’ve got a business to run, and we help keep the peace across your security and IT teams while transforming your cloud security.



Work directly with expert, committed senior advisors

We come from complex environments, like yours — bringing a problem-solving, analytical approach that others don’t have.


Make the tough, messy work easy (and fun)

The cloud should be exciting, not stressful. We bring clarity to complex questions with smart analysis, and are responsive and fun to work with.


Solve unique and complex problems

We have a diverse set of skills and can solve a wide range of technical challenges, even if that wasn’t part of the original scope.


Navigate the unexpected

You can trust us in our discipline to achieve outcomes, no matter how complicated challenges get.

Cloud Security Partnerships

Our partnership ecosystem spans the globe, providing access and insight into international cloud security trends and technologies.

More from 38North

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we have the expertise and experience to ensure a secure, compliant cloud. See these other services, from engineering to compliance to management.

Ready for Us to Roll Up Our Sleeves?

Your first chat with us is with one of our security experts who will help you put together a plan to build a secure cloud.

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