Shared Assessments for Third Party Risk Management

For organizations, Shared Assessments can be complicated by the cloud. As expats in cloud security, we can help support you in your program or completing the Standardized Information Gathering Questionnaire, also known as the SIG. Trust Us to Get You There.

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Your Shared Assessment SIG Team

38North consultants have helped countless organizations complete the SIG and demonstrate their adherence to the highest level of security posture. In addition, we help cloud-centric organizations comply with technical engineering expertise and an advisory perspective. This means we are your inside team for upcoming changes or evolutions.

What is the Shared Assessments SIG?

The SIG is a multidimensional security assessment program that combines the best practices of many security standards and control implementations. It is regularly updated to encompass new domains and technologies, so keeping up with the latest can be challenging.

Knowing what you need to put into your Shared Assessment comes from knowing what you want to get out of it. We can help support your SIG journey and determine which controls are relevant to your region and business.

38North Shared Assessments Services

Every organization can use the eye of an experienced team to speed up their Shared Assessment process. From getting ahead of the full assessment, supporting you with the SIG, and post-assessment remediation and implementation, trust us to help you protect your consumers.

Complete Shared Assessments with 38North

Book an initial Shared Assessments conversation with one of our global security experts today and we’ll show you how compliance can help open new markets and provide industry-leading assurance.

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