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A Secure Cloud Documentation Process that You Can Trust

You can’t prove what’s not documented. And you can’t withstand scrutiny without an experienced team.

Documentation that doesn’t capture technical intricacies or comprehensively cover a system is quickly rejected by the government or auditors — resulting in time lost and opportunity left on the table. And internal teams without clear documentation often make costly security mistakes.

Avoid these pitfalls with document development from 38North. We pair technical subject matter experts with experienced tech writers to ensure the technical nuances of your environment are captured in a way that will pass an assessment and streamline operations.

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Leave No Gaps in Your Security Documentation Process

Documentation is often a second thought to technical teams — rushing to “get it done” at the end of a project. Even many consulting firms use low-cost tech writers to churn out documentation, without the review of a hands-on, technical subject matter expert.

But the short-term gains often turn into ticking time bombs months later — when assessments get delayed or applications are rejected because of flimsy documentation. With expert review processes with 38North, you’ll never be surprised at the results, and can continue with confidence.

Cloud Security Documentation Use Cases

Compliance Packages

Regulators and reviewers require a high level of technical detail in submission packages. 38North specializes in working closely with your architecture and engineering teams to produce documentation that withstands the strictest scrutiny.

  • FedRAMP Documentation
  • NIST-compliant Documentation
  • CMMC Compliance Packages
  • Australian IRAP Packages

Security Technical Writing

If your existing program documentation is lacking, or your previous consultants walked away without providing extensive documentation, our expert technical writers can get it back on track. Contact us today so we can begin helping you get a handle on your system documentation — no matter what state it’s in.

Security Gap Analysis

Having strategic architecture plans in place is key for any organization looking to achieve long-term growth. Our cloud security advisors comprehensively document identified gaps and remediation paths on how best to utilize the cloud for future initiatives that consider all aspects of cloud security.


Here are just some of the benefits of trusting 38North for your cloud security documentation:

How We Work

We’re not just another one-dimensional “cloud consultant.” Because of our breadth of services, we understand that documentation is more than just writing down the obvious. We partner with your technical team, or we can bring our own, to go deep and ensure documents are unassailable in compliance reviews and become a foundational component to proving the strength of your security program.



We get the compliance crucible

We’ve been through the fire of global compliance and know that a cozy relationship with your auditor and a smile won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve developed a proven process for producing complete, accurate documentation that stands on its own.


We’ve got technical depth and global breadth

We work with every major US, international and private-sector security standard. We can help you figure out what standards are most relevant to your organization and develop documentation that satisfies all potential needs.


Let us handle the work (most if it, anyhow)

With the support of our technical teams, our writers can gather all necessary information to meet your compliance goals through easy interviews with your technical team. We then produce quality documentation that presents your system and processes in the best possible light for regulators.


We’ll help you plan for improvement

More advanced cloud security standards, like FedRAMP, DoD IL4/5 and Australia’s IRAP, have multiple tiers of maturity. For these, we recommend a 38North Gap Analysis, before starting the documentation process, to address showstopper issues and streamline documentation delivery.

More from 38North

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we have the expertise and experience to ensure a secure, compliant cloud. See these other services, from engineering to compliance to management.

Don’t Let Documentation Delay Your Cloud

Your first chat with us is with one of our security experts who will start putting together a plan for developing your cloud security documentation.

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