FFIEC Compliance

FFIEC presents complex challenges and equally complex set of technical controls layered on to an already thick regulatory burden. Getting a handle on these controls and deconflicting them with all the other state and federal controls is difficult, especially in the cloud. Fortunately, we can help align all the disparate standards and unite them in coherent technical solutions that solve all the challenges.

38North offers tailored solutions that help organizations meet their FFIEC compliance obligations while ensuring they remain compliant in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Trust Us to Get You There.

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38North, Your Guide to FFIEC Compliance

We provide trusted guidance to clients on how to meet FFIEC compliance standards. Our team of experts understand the regulatory intricacies and can provide tailored services that ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements for FFIEC compliance. Our comprehensive suite of services includes risk assessment and reporting, compliance monitoring, and assistance in developing a cohesive FFIEC compliance strategy.

What is Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Compliance?

The FFIEC recommends organizations undertake a five-step process to prepare for an FFIEC audit. You have better things to do with your time, and can rely on 38North to get you up to speed with practical workshops or trainings.

Organizations often volunteer for review by using the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT). Using the CAT can sometimes be complex for first-time compliance organizations. Luckily, at 38North, we’re expert CAT herders, able to help you complete the tool and prepare for assessment easily and efficiently.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Step 1

Read and understand the CRO and Board of Directors overview.

Step 2

Review the CAT User Guide.

Step 3

Complete CAT Part 1: Inherent Risk Profile of the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to understand the institution’s inherent risk and determine the institution’s risk profile and appetite.

Step 4

Complete CAT Part 2: Cybersecurity Maturity of the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool across the five security maturity domains.

Step 5

Interpret and analyze assessment results to ensure risk profile and maturity are in sync, and make programmatic changes, if necessary.

FFIEC Compliance Challenges

Fully complying with FFIEC standards is often a challenge for many organizations due to the complexity of the guidelines and the wide variety of regulations that must be followed. It also requires significant resources, including personnel and technology. Additionally, FFIEC compliance must be maintained constantly, as guidelines and regulations are subject to change. This all takes time and expertise. We’ve got loads of both. Let us help you see to your FFIEC compliance.

38North FFIEC Compliance Solutions

FFIEC is one of the most stringent standards, and for good reason. Protecting your consumers’ financial and privacy data is critical to successful financial services. Whether you require a third-party review, gap analysis, or a full-on FFIEC program design, our senior-level cloud security advisors are prepared to meet your needs.

FFIEC Gap Analysis

Need to determine what’s lacking in your cloud security program or implementation? Our gap analysis services will meticulously identify any deficiencies in control implementation to prepare you for audit or assessment.

Authentication Reviews

Key to FFIEC compliance is an effective authentication and identification program. . But developing modern authentication regimes is hard, especially in the cloud. We’ll take the mystery out of authentication with a comprehensive, clear review of authentication practices and policies.

Risk-Based Assessments

As organizations evolve, so does their risk profile. With this can come changes to your FFIEC risk assessment needs. Our risk-based assessments and risk assessment prep to help you identify transactions and access levels associated with cloud-based financial products and services.

Full Information Security Programs

Trust the global cloud experts at 38North to help you build and operationalize your security program to maintain FFIEC compliance.

Achieve FFIEC Compliance with 38North

Book an initial FFIEC compliance conversation with one of our security experts today and we’ll show you how to bring even your most modern cloud systems into compliance with these unique financial sector requirements.

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