Canadian Center for Cybersecurity

As businesses in Canada continue to move to the cloud, it’s essential to understand the security risks and benefits associated with this technology. The government of Canada has issued common security controls and best practices for keeping your data safe through the ​​Canadian Center for Cyber Security (CCCS). Whether in Canada or servicing customers, understanding these controls and practices is crucial for protecting your customers.

As a global team of cloud security experts, we’re well-versed with the CCCS cloud control profile requirements and can help you quickly understand your organization’s risk profile and how to comply. Trust Us to Get You There.

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38North Is Your Expert Canadian Security Compliance Team

As your expert Canadian Cloud Control Profile consultants, we can support you in assessing cloud security controls and providing recommendations on improving them. After reviewing your organization’s cloud security posture, we’ll advise on how to protect against common threats and vulnerabilities. We can provide the latest best practices that should be employed to maintain compliance with Canadian privacy laws.

What is the CCCS?

Cloud security is a top concern for many Canadian businesses. The Canadian government has taken steps to ensure that its citizens’ data is protected when it is stored in the cloud. In order to use cloud computing services in Canada, businesses must follow certain security controls.

38North Canadian Cloud Control Profile Services

Knowing what you need to do to comply with Canadian security and privacy regulations boils down to understanding both your business and how it interacts with the law of the land. Luckily, 38North is your Canadian cloud security compliance team.

Complete Canadian Cloud Control Profile Security Compliance with 38North

Book an initial conversation with one of our global security experts today and we’ll show you how compliance can help open new markets in Canada and provide industry-leading assurance.

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