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Taking your business into the cloud and defending against modern threats requires an understanding of both the governmental and industry regulations that govern cloud data. As more governments and industries have their eye on cloud security, the web of crossing standards and regulations gets more tangled. And security teams can spend more than 15,000 hours each year just proving compliance¹.

Working with a globally-recognized cloud compliance advisor can remove the confusion and help bring clarity to your cloud.

1 Ponemon Institute and CyberGRX’s The Cost of Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Management 2019

Security First. Compliance Continuously.

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Many organizations put compliance requirements before information security needs, letting regulators and customers dictate their policies and programs. But designing your organization around compliance goals can lead to process inefficiencies, strained resources, and a false sense of security. And it can make moving into new markets or adopting new technologies difficult with a compliance debt that organizations are saddled with.

We make it our business to help organizations understand their unique cloud needs and the overlapping regulations in their target markets. In addition, we help develop a global compliance approach for the highest security and compliance surety.

Achieving Global and North American Compliance

Whether you’re building something wholly new, adapting to new business needs, or responding to shifts in geographies and markets, knowing where your cloud is headed is the first step. Let us make the rest of your journey easier.

North American Compliance

38North cloud security experts can help you understand, prepare for, and achieve compliance certifications in North America.

Beyond just geographies, each target industry may have unique certifications you’ll need to achieve before you can even talk business. Our cloud security advisory services have helped solve the challenges of overlaying common North American industry standards and frameworks into a single, manageable strategy.

Global Compliance

Nearly every global jurisdiction has its own take on cloud security compliance. If your goal is to go international, you need to ensure your team understands the intricacies of overlapping requirements.

At 38North, we take a global view of the cloud, and bring a wealth of experience in helping clients plan, assess, attest, and manage global cloud needs.

Untangling Cloud Compliance

The global cloud compliance market is expected to grow to $64.3 billion by 2028¹. Why? Because global compliance requirements are increasingly complex and in-house expertise can sometimes fall short. That’s where 38North’s team of Cloud Compliance Advisors can help save the day for your organization.

Source: KVB Research

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The Direction of Global Cloud Compliance

We’re on the forefront of global compliance regulations, and we work closely with every technology provider and many regulators. That gives us an edge in understanding compliance trends and new approaches.

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