Security Architecture

Build Foundations for Stronger Cybersecurity

The primary objective in developing your enterprise security architecture must enable your business.

Security architecture is about working with existing investments in capabilities to design a scalable environment that will enable the future you seek. It involves evaluating existing capabilities against current and anticipated gaps, making targeted investments in new technologies, and putting it all together to achieve goals.

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Your Blueprint to Global Success for Your Enterprise

Cybersecurity architecture has a major impact on an organization’s security, financial performance, and long-term growth. However, many don’t have the time to design and implement an architecture that aligns with their cybersecurity and business objectives.

38North provides cybersecurity expertise to give you back your time to focus on other things. With our services, you have access to the world’s most experienced cloud security advisors. We build relationships across the global regulatory community, and continue to prove ourselves against complex cloud security and compliance challenges. All to ensure your business has the most robust cloud security.

Cloud Security Architecture Use Cases

Data Resilience

Secure and protect your data from unauthorized access or loss with resilient data architectures. 38North helps ensure your security architecture supports your risk profile and includes the appropriate controls to reduce the risk of your data (or your customers’) falling into the wrong hands.


Compliance with U.S. Federal Government requirements, such as FedRAMP and CMMC, or international standards like Australia’s IRAP, can be difficult to maintain without the proper architecture. 38North helps design clouds that meet or exceed global security requirements.

Planning for Scalability

Having strategic architecture plans in place is key for any organization looking to achieve long-term growth. Our cloud security advisory team provides tailored advice on how best to utilize the cloud that consider all aspects of cybersecurity.

Benefits of Cloud-based Security Architecture

Here are just some of the benefits of trusting 38North for your cloud security architecture:

Hybrid Security Architecture

Design security architectures that combine cloud and on-prem technologies to grow your business.

Integrate Cloud-based Solutions

Gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based solutions and how to integrate them with the existing processes.

How We Work

We help small organizations prepare for growth and large ones prepare for scale. By aligning security architecture to short, medium, and long-term business and compliance goals, we help achieve security and compliance requirements while minimizing disruption to operations.

We analyze architecture holistically using proven frameworks and methodologies to design customized solutions.

The Bottom Line

We’ve done the hard work of discovering a better way to help design security architectures that scale along with business — and we’ve repeatedly proven it.

We bring the technical, compliance, and business mindsets to the table — working seamlessly with all levels of your organization, from your security and IT staff to your business leaders, to help design and build secure, compliant, and resilient cloud architectures.

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